Crowd funding has been big news since 2009.

Allowing hungry, eagle-eyed entrepreneurs everywhere to benefit from hefty investment without having to hand over a large piece of their precious company pie (and control) to just one large greedy investor.

It has successfully allowed so many start ups to flourish quickly and allowed their founders to keep their own creative hands on the steering wheel, where in the past they may have been forced to take a passenger or even back seat in order to get off the starting blocks with somebody else’s ££££££

In actual fact, the term crowd funding had first been coined back in 1997 when British rock band ‘Marillion’ (Kayleigh…anyone?) used the Internet to raise money for their North American tour. No mean feat when access to the Internet was super limited back then, but they managed to raise £39k

So, what about crowd funding within science? Crowd funding for the philanthropist, not just the entrepreneur or rock star?

Certain crowd funding sites have already gained huge notoriety for their ability to raise money for charitable causes and for individuals in need.

Just giving and gofundme are particularly popular and most of us have donated to these many times over.

If predictions are correct though, then could 2017 see a surge in crowd funding for actual medical research? Actual research rather than more general support.

For instance, currently, when I send my money to the CF trust or to cancer research, I know that the money will be used for a whole host of needs connected to the trust…actual care, support for families, money towards medication & medical bills for those who can’t afford it. Basic accommodation for travelling carers and for many other much needed provisions. So far so good…

However, what if I want to ensure that at least half of my money goes directly towards medical research and towards finding an actual cure?

It seems to make huge sense, it’s simple enough in format so take a look for yourself and see if it appeals. Giving wisely as well as generously, now that is a goal for 2017.

Check out these sites and see which appeals more to you;

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