The New Normal

What is IndexR?

IndexR is an App that allows Doctors, Nurses and AHP’s to book shifts directly with the NHS without agencies.

App’s like Airbnb and Handy allow users to book services instantly. At IndexR we have taken this theory and applied it to the booking of temporary staff in Hospitals

By removing the middle man we believe that we can make the process smarter and more efficient at a price that is mutually beneficial to both Medical Professionals and Agencies.

How does it work?

The app allows Medical Professionals to set their own rates, preferences and timetable on their mobile devices.

The Hospital can then search, using filters such as band and speciality, through a database of available Doctors, Nurses and AHP’s in the area. Instant notification of bookings are sent directly to the medical professionals phone which are then accepted with just one click.

Why is the Old Model Failing?

NHS Improvement estimates that 20% of the shifts required to keep hospitals at Staff Staffing Levels remain unfilled.

Trusts depends on Agencies to fill rota gaps that can’t be filled by permanent or bank staff. The costs of agency staff accounts for 6% of the total annual pay costs. For 2016/17 the spend is forecasted at (final figures are yet to be released) £2.9bn.

The demand for qualified staff is far higher than the supply meaning agencies can charge huge commission for single shifts. NHS Improvement estimate that a third of agency spend goes directly to agencies.

What is the Alternative?

Our IndexR solution addresses both Locums, Nurses and NHS Trust needs and has been developed in partnership with all the stakeholders.

The solution is simple, IndexR is a platform that allows Trusts and Medical professionals to cut out the middleman and the commission.

The Solution helps Hospitals meet safe staffing levels at a fraction of the cost.

The Agency model is outdated and unfit for purpose. Our App will disrupt the traditional model and modernise the way you work.

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