IndexR for Trusts

Intelligent sourcing, at speed

Using our technology, hiring managers can quickly source locums with the right profile to fulfil their immediate or future demands.

We provide an intelligent search engine, automatically providing recommendations directly tailored to your needs.

IndexR searches set criteria for the best candidates available enabling you to make informed decisions:

  • Role, experience and grade.
  • Previous feedback, rating and recommendations.
  • Pre-selected favourites.
  • Location awareness.
  • Rate match indicator

Reduce cost, increased quality

Balancing the need to fulfill short-term, long-term or sessional bookings within the budgets can be challenging without paying over the odds. Until now. Our agentless technology, means that you are no longer bound by large agency fee’s without the assurance of continuity within your team. We rate-match locums based on what you want to pay so you can stay in control of your budgeted spend. Additionally, you get to control the quality of staff you use.

By utilising our automated, unique, matching technology and also keeping a personlised bank of locums that you wish to use frequently!

Trust for the trust

We provide you with the security and knowledge that your locum choices are fully vetted, checked and have been supplied pre-induction documentation. Couple this with our online locum workflow, removes the need for paper-work, meaning you can spend your time focusing on the things that are important.

  • Receive and approve invoices and timesheets.
  • Supply induction material up-front to prepare your locum.
  • View approved qualifications and vetting documentation.
  • Create your personalised profile including favourites, schedules and sessional planning.
  • Store and review your accounting history efficiently so you can assure you are tracking within budget.