Who are IndexR?

IndexR are a software provider. We deliver a unique and independent, mobile-enabled platform that allows NHS Trusts to search and book resources, no matter what employment status; Bank, Substantive, Direct Engagement or Agency. The platform drives down costs by providing greater insight of availability, increasing efficiency when booking staff and reducing dependency on agencies.
Our software ensures a “Bank First” approach is adopted throughout all of the Trust’s staffing teams. The bank is the most efficient and least expensive way of filling Rota gaps and the IndexR platform allows NHS staffing teams to have an instant, single view of staff availability, filtered by employment type, grade, price, experience and distance.

IndexR also amalgamates multiple NHS Trusts’ Banks creating regional Community Banks. By increasing the pool of medical professionals, sharing an instant view of availability and having a view of all locally available staff, the chances of filling rota gaps with Bank staff are increased.

While the Community Bank carries the “Bank First” philosophy, such is the demand, other employment types such as Direct Engagement or Agency are still required to fill gaps. Our platform allows NHS Trusts to search a larger, shared pool of all available professionals, covering gaps quickly. Trusts get direct access to DE and Agency supplied staff without having to send out agency requests, wait for responses, negotiate and book. All staff types can be compared, giving visibility of quality, usage and cost.

By providing this access to all employment types on a single platform, NHS Trusts can reduce their dependence on Agencies. This returns the relationship with Agencies to its original purpose, providing high quality emergency cover when all other avenues have been explored.

If you are not an Agency, how can you supply staff to the NHS?

All staff placed through the IndexR App are employed either through their Lead Employer’s Bank, Agency or a PSC (or umbrella company if they lie inside IR35).

IndexR is not an employer, it is an independent attraction, retention and matching software platform. There are a number of organisations that offer end to end solutions that include vacancy release and payment. We believe that these solutions blur the line between a direct engagement tool and an employment agency which calls into question whether they are eligible for the VAT savings.

Any Healthcare Professionals matched as a Direct Engagement through the App, without Agencies, have to be fully checked and on-boarded by the Trusts HR team. However, IndexR collect and pack the required documentation accelerating the process. To learn more, see the compliance process below.

How does the IndexR Application create savings for the Trust?

The IndexR App creates savings for the Trust in three major ways; increased fulfilment, more efficient processes and reducing Agency commission spend.

Increased Fulfilment:

Most trusts run below safe staffing level with many shifts, especially the last-minute ones, impossible to fill. IndexR is proven to increase Trusts fulfilment rates by more than 20%.

We do this by using our tool to attract and retain more Locums and Bank staff to the platform, and by sharing the pool of staff locally with the Community Bank. This increases the pool of available staff enabling Trusts to make informed decisions quickly selecting from trusted, vetted, quality staff.

Time Efficiencies:

Staffing teams no longer have to send mass emails and wait for replies. The App provides an instant view of all available Bank and Locum staff. The App then allows for secure communication directly with those staff without having to phone and email or go through Agencies.

IndexR also create efficiencies in the on-boarding process. The platform facilitates Frameworks agreements between regional NHS Trusts meaning that staff can be shared without further compliance checks.

New Bank staff and Locums can upload documents and reference directly to the platform which are validated and packaged for HR teams making the on-boarding of new staff more efficient.

Most importantly IndexR integrates, wherever possible, with existing software used in on-boarding, rostering, invoicing, etc. reducing duplicate entry.

Reduced Commission:

The platform’s main purpose is to reduce the NHS dependency on Agencies. This is done by taking a Bank First approach. Failing that, IndexR facilitates Medical Agency staff’s move to Direct Engagement, providing them with shared saving incentives, eliminating the commission charge.
The platform does allow Agencies to load Locums and Agency Nurses onto the platform but the creation of a transparent marketplace for Trusts, where Agencies have to compete for shifts side by side, means fees are driven down.

IndexR does not charge commission. The software charge is a set rate and does not vary based on volume of bookings. Every time the platform enables a Trust to book through the Bank or Direct Engagement rather that Agency the Trust makes savings.

What is the Community Bank?

With IndexR, Trusts can opt into regional Community Banks that shares a larger pool of candidates across regional Trusts. This increases the number of Bank staff available to cover rota gaps, creating substantial savings.

The Community Bank only becomes active once a Framework Agreement is in place between the Partner NHS. The Framework Agreement includes standard rates of pay to be sure no commission or financial competition between Trusts. All Trusts have collaborative access to shared staff pools no matter their budget or technology maturity.

Are Agency workers provided on the platform?

The platform can provide Agency workers. IndexR is an independent software platform that gives Trusts immediate visibility for any employment status they require. You can instantly view, search, compare and book all Bank, Substantive, Community Bank, Direct Engagement and Agency staff from a single solution. However, you can also restrict access to certain employment types. For example, you may wish to allow Emergency Medicine to access Agency staff but choose to restrict a less demanding field – this is all possible on the application.

Agency rates can vary despite being supplied by Framework approved providers. Accessing them on the same platform allows Trusts to compare quality, price, distance and experience – before booking at a touch of a button. IndexR purely facilitates the access and insight to the available individuals, we do not charge commission on bookings. The commercial agreement is between the Locum, Agency and Trust.

What is Direct Engagement?

Direct engagement is where a Trust establishes a direct relationship with a professional without an Agency. This means the Trusts reclaim VAT, engage the professional without paying commission and communicate directly without a middleman.

At IndexR we facilitate the move to direct engagement for any Agency staff interested. Any professional who prefers working through an Agency can use the platform free of charge (for both the individual and the Agency).

Which staff groups can IndexR be used for?

Currently the IndexR platform allows for Doctors, Nurses and AHP’s but the software will soon be expanded to cover all staff types engaged by Trusts, including IT Professionals, Technicians and GPs.

How does IndexR recruit Medical Professionals to your software?

IndexR has proven to be an extremely effective way of recruiting Medical Professionals to the Bank. It can be used by Trusts internal recruitment teams to gather vetting information and documentation on new sign ups. Digitising this process provides a more effective and efficient process for the Trusts.

IndexR attracts individuals mostly through recommendation from our extremely happy users. Attraction is done in a number of ways with support of the Trust including:


IndexR are leading the innovation in the booking of NHS temp staff. The app allows users to Modernise the way they work and more efficiently use their time.


IndexR provides incentives to Bank, Substantive and Direct Engagement staff through loyalty schemes, training tools, referral bonuses and faster payment options. Rewards are dependent on the number of shifts or sessions completed – this leads to increased fulfilment and retention rates.


IndexR helps maintain a work-life balance, working shifts when and where they want to. The Community Bank allows users access to new challenges across multiple sites if they choose to.


The platform encourages the growth of smaller communities. Individuals, specialist groups and Trusts can all communicate securely, swap shifts and send updates, notifications and broadcasts across the software. Modernising the way people work and encouraging organic growth through sharing.


IndexR work with Trusts to also develop Trust or Community Bank branded campaigns – either focused broadly or for specific specialisms. Including workshops, career fairs, social media, radio and print.

How does IndexR accelerate user adoption?

IndexR recommends that a Trust uploads Bank staff directly from a Trust’s internal system – this can be done easily using a data transfer. Incentivising Bank staff to use the App has been remarkably easy. Shifts can be picked up in advance, using vacancy release and last minute by updating their availability, allowing Trusts to book them directly.
We have had an equally positive response from the Agencies we have engaged with. Agencies can use the App to see real-time availability of their Locums and Nurses helping reduce their internal costs, becoming more efficient.

All Agency Professionals are uploaded pending the permission of the Agency they work with, subject to Trust approval – subject to the Temporary Staffing Framework.

What happens if the NHS Professional does not have a smart phone or would prefer not to download the App?

The on-boarding, availability and booking process can be completed on a tablet, desktop or laptop. During this process, the Professional can select to receive job notifications and other communications via text message or email.

How does a Trust upload existing Bank staff onto the system?

Bulk uploads are extremely easy. The Bank staff details can be exported from your systems into a CSV file which can then be uploaded directly to the IndexR application. A link is then automatically sent to all Bank staff to download the App and set their preference, alternatively they can go on our website and do it there. IndexR allows the App to be Trust branded if required, making it personal to your Trust.

Only minimal information is required to create a user profile. Information is utilised for the booking process only. We do not hold any personal payment details on the platform, payments are between the individual/Agency and the Trust.

Do you complete the mandatory NHS Pre-Employment checks for new Bank, Substantive or Direct Engagement candidates?

The App demands all new applicants to upload copies of the required NHS Pre-employment information, such as right-to-work, qualifications and references. We authenticate and package the information so it can be easily checked by the Trusts HR team. Final responsibility for authorising the information provided lies with the Trust as IndexR is not an Agency or employer of the applicant.

All documentation is stored with expiry dates so that the Trust and the Medical Professional are notified near to expiry. If a Medical Professional has not renewed their information they do not appear on the search result and cannot apply for jobs until they do.

How does compliance work for members of the Community Banks who are employed by another Trust?

There are a number of ways to deal with this. Many NHS Trusts already have contractual Framework Agreements in place allowing them to share Banks. Many of those that don’t are working towards this. Where this is not the case, all relevant information is stored on the App and can be transferred and checked through the secure communication channels. IndexR will not share any data between Trusts unless specifically requested and authorised to do so by all relevant parties.

Does IndexR integrate with other software? We would rather avoid duplicate entries.

With every new Trust, IndexR takes a tailored approach, understanding each individual Trusts requirements and tailoring the solution to increase efficiency and avoid duplicated entry.

IndexR has excellent relationships with a number of NHS software providers. Wherever possible we work with partner vendors, through open API’s, for Payroll, Direct Engagement and Rota Management software.

Where Trusts are not using Enterprise software to manage rotas, vacancy release and back office, IndexR can provide an automated solution using the built-in capabilities of our platform. No hidden extras or cost.

Is there a charge for downloading the IndexR App?

No. IndexR is completely free for the Medical Professionals and the Trusts to download the App.

What is the charge for using the IndexR Platform?

IndexR is primarily a software as a service (SaaS) platform and has pay-per-use license fees. These are fixed fees for variable demand on the amount of bookings linked to the number of users on the system rather than the number of bookings made. This allows Trusts to stay in control of your budget, easily tracking spend. The IndexR subscription can be cancelled at any point with no long term tie-ins.

Alternatively, Trusts can select discounted Annual License fee. The Annual License remains the same whatever the volume of bookings. NHS Trusts can plan budgets more effectively with the peace of mind that all costs are covered. This plan is up to 25% cheaper than the SaaS model. We can be flexible about how the license fee is paid, either all in one go or in quarterly instalments.

Can we trial or pilot the product?

Absolutely, in fact we recommend it! It’s the best way to see the benefits of IndexR and see what your tailored solution would look like.

IndexR will provide quick-start workshops within departments and short user videos to demonstrate how to get the best out of our App.

We recommend that you trial it will a smaller group first, maybe a department, so you can realise the benefits in a controlled manner, giving the confidence to proceed.


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