Who are IndexR?

IndexR are a software provider. We deliver a unique and independent, mobile-enabled platform that allows Doctors and AHP’s to book shifts. The platform modernises the way medical professionals are booked, making the process more efficient and user friendly.

Doctors and AHP’s download the app and complete the on-boarding process. Once they are validated they will start receiving shift notifications. Preferences, rate and availability can be set in the app which has a built in calendar that makes keeping track of booked work easy.

The application can be used by all employment types whether they are a Bank, Substantive or Agency worker.

IndexR platform allows for a new employment type that allows Medical Professionals to sign up independent of an Agency meaning the trust pays no commission on the shift. The work contract is raised between the Doctor and the Trust, 100% of the rate agreed goes to the Doctor or AHP.

If you are not an Agency, how can you supply staff to the NHS?

All staff placed through the IndexR App are employed either through their Lead Employer’s Bank, Agency or a PSC (or umbrella company if they lie inside IR35).

IndexR is not an employer, it is an independent attraction, retention and matching software platform. For Doctors that work off-payroll shifts through the bank or those that work through an Agency, your employer will not change. What will change is the ease with which you book shifts and organise your life.

Healthcare Professionals that choose to directly engage with Trusts independently of agencies have to be fully checked and on-boarded by the Trust’s HR team. However this process is accelerated by automating it. Documents can be uploaded directly to the app and sent to referees and the Trust for validation.

What are the benefits of using our software?

IndexR has had excellent reviews from all it users. Doctors are frustrated by the antiquated service that agencies provide and have welcomed the opportunity to modernise the way they work. Digitising this process provides a more effective and efficient process for all stakeholders, doctors and AHP’s, the NHS and Agencies.

The benefits to using our software are:

Excellent Rates:

Doctors that choose to engage with Trusts without agencies can set their own rates. 100% of that goes to the medical professional. There is no additional commission charge, this saving can be used to incentivise the move away from agencies.


IndexR provides incentives to Bank, Substantive and Direct Engagement Doctors and AHP’s through loyalty schemes, training tools, referral bonuses and faster payment options. Rewards are dependent on the number of shifts or sessions completed.


IndexR helps maintain a work-life balance. Doctors and AHP’s can work shifts when and where they want to making themselves available at a moment’s notice.


The platform encourages the growth of smaller communities. Individuals, specialist groups and Trusts can all communicate securely, swap shifts and receive updates, notifications and message through the software.


IndexR are markets leaders in the booking of NHS temp staff. We work closely with both Trusts and NHS professionals for continued innovation. We welcome feedback and suggestion on how we can continue to improve the service.

Do Locums working through IndexR earn more than those working for Agencies?

The rates that are set for anti-social and social hours are at the discretion of the Locum or AHP. IndexR’s intelligent pricing will inform the professional if the rate is above or below cap and how the rates compare to other Locums in the area and previous bookings.

How does IndexR aid revalidation?

IndexR have established that revalidation can be challenging and time consuming. The app has built-in features that make this process easier. The IndexR app allows feedback from Colleagues and Patients to be collected and stored as well as evidence of Continual Professional Development (CPD) and Quality Improvement Activity.

We also make sure you have access to a responsibility officer at a Trust you are placed at regularly, or from IndexR.

Can PSC/Umbrella company/PAYE use the platform?

The IndexR platform allows for every type of employment as long as the Locum or AHP are compliant with the IR35 legislation. If outside IR35 they can continue to operate as a PSC using our platform. Those who are inside can use umbrella companies.

What is the Community Bank?

In addition to disrupting the way Trusts work with Locum’s and AHP’s, the IndexR platform has created a shared bank. Framework agreements between trusts mean Doctors and AHP’s can work at multiple locations without further compliance checks.

What is Direct Engagement?

Direct engagement is where a Trust establishes a direct relationship with a professional without an Agency. This mean the Locum or AHP can set their own rates and preferences and communicate directly with the Trust without a middleman.

At IndexR we facilitate the move to direct engagement for any Agency staff interested. Any professional who would prefer to continue working through an Agency can use the platform free of charge (for both the individual and the Agency).

What happens if the NHS Professional does not have a smartphone or would prefer not to download the App?

The on-boarding, availability and booking process can be completed on a tablet, desktop or laptop. During this process, the Professional can select to receive job notifications and other communications via text message or email.

Do you complete the mandatory NHS Pre-Employment checks for new Bank, Substantive or Direct Engagement candidates?

The App demands all new applicants to upload copies of the required NHS Pre-employment information, such as right-to-work, qualifications and references. We authenticate and package the information so it can be easily checked by the Trust’s HR team. Final responsibility for authorising the information provided lies with the Trust as IndexR is not an Agency or employer of the applicant.

All documentation is stored with expiry dates so that the Trust and the Medical Professional are notified near to expiry. If a Medical Professional has not renewed their information they do not appear on the search result and cannot apply for jobs until they do.

How does compliance work for members of the Community Banks who are employed by another Trust?

There are a number of ways to deal with this. Many NHS Trusts already have contractual Framework Agreements in place allowing them to share Banks. Many of those that don’t are working towards this. Where this is not the case, all relevant information is stored on the App and can be transferred and checked through the secure communication channels. IndexR will not share any data between Trusts unless specifically requested and authorised to do so by all relevant parties.

Is there a charge for downloading the IndexR App?

No. IndexR is completely free for the Medical Professionals and the Trusts to download the App.