Will the NHS Ever Be Safe?

The NHS was victim to the ‘biggest ransomware offensive’ in history earlier this year, affecting 47 Trusts. It was fortunately stopped by a cyber security researcher before it got completely out of control. In October 2016, a hospital in Wales had 4,766 staff files stolen when the software supplier Landauer was hacked. Experts and the general pub … Read more about Will the NHS Ever Be Safe?

Paperless NHS

A Paperless NHS, 1 year to go… In January 2013, under a coalition government, Jeremy Hunt made an ambitious commitment that the NHS would be paperless by 2018, “The NHS cannot be the last man standing as the rest of the economy embraces the technology revolution.” A paperless NHS could deliver costs savings of £4.4bn according to a study by PWC. … Read more about Paperless NHS

Doctor, It’s An Emergency

“We entered this winter in the worst state of affairs” according to Dr. Taj Hassan, President of the Royal College of emergency medicine. He called for an “absolute and urgent need” of extra assistance in coping with the emergency department and its rising patients. No less than fifty trusts have issued their own alerts this month, requesting … Read more about Doctor, It’s An Emergency