A 96% Drop in the Number of EU Nurses Registering to Work in the UK

In July 2016, 1034 nurses came to work in the UK from Europe, this year, April 2017, there were 46 Applicants. A 96% drop, which is a startling figure. The UK does not train enough medical professionals to fill the current demand. Historically the UK has been dependant upon medical staff trained outside the UK helping to fill the shortfall, … Read more about A 96% Drop in the Number of EU Nurses Registering to Work in the UK

A Brief NHS Guide to the Manifestos

IndexR is a Healthcare mobile App, helping doctors and nurses modernise the way they work. The App links Trusts directly to medical professionals cutting out the need for agencies and eliminating the considerable commission they charge saving cost for the NHS. Find out more about IndexR and sign up The general election is fast approaching … Read more about A Brief NHS Guide to the Manifestos

Nursing … A Safety

There are currently 23,443 nursing vacancies in England, Wales & Northern Ireland equating to 9% of the workforce. A pretty substantial number by anybody's standard. Trusts are running their hospitals below safe staffing guidelines or depending on agency staff. Wales has made it a legal obligation for hospitals to be fully staffed. Nicola … Read more about Nursing … A Safety

Paperless NHS

A Paperless NHS, 1 year to go… In January 2013, under a coalition government, Jeremy Hunt made an ambitious commitment that the NHS would be paperless by 2018, “The NHS cannot be the last man standing as the rest of the economy embraces the technology revolution.” A paperless NHS could deliver costs savings of £4.4bn according to a study by PWC. … Read more about Paperless NHS