Talking Heads

It's mental health week this week and finally the world is waking up to what has previously been a taboo subject.  With our British 'stiff upper lip'  it is little wonder that so many people suffering with depression, anxiety and poor mental health feel too embarrassed to discuss it.  The 'black dog' has been a dirty word for a very long time. A s … Read more about Talking Heads

A Sustainable NHS?

December saw the start of a 2yr training programme for new  'Nursing Associates' roles within the NHS. The programme aims to deliver a higher level of health care training to existing nursing support workers who possess a 'care certificate' but are not graduate registered nurses. It will also offer a career pathway for those wishing to progress w … Read more about A Sustainable NHS?

Will Crowd Funding Help Medical Research In 2017?

Crowd funding has been big news since 2009. Allowing hungry, eagle-eyed entrepreneurs everywhere to benefit from hefty investment without having to hand over a large piece of their precious company pie (and control) to just one large greedy investor. It has successfully allowed so many start ups to flourish quickly and allowed their founders … Read more about Will Crowd Funding Help Medical Research In 2017?

Doctor, It’s An Emergency

“We entered this winter in the worst state of affairs” according to Dr. Taj Hassan, President of the Royal College of emergency medicine. He called for an “absolute and urgent need” of extra assistance in coping with the emergency department and its rising patients. No less than fifty trusts have issued their own alerts this month, requesting … Read more about Doctor, It’s An Emergency

Recruitment, Retention, Motivation…time to help the NHS?

Agency Staff Crisis in the NHS Currently a quarter of Doctors in the UK are from overseas… yes, a quarter! A phenomenal and frankly baffling figure! Why is this so high you may wonder?  Well, we could start with recruitment and the limited medical places available to British students, currently capped at just 6,000 per year. This contributes to … Read more about Recruitment, Retention, Motivation…time to help the NHS?