Conservative Dr Sarah Wollaston caused a stir this week when she openly accused Theresa May & fellow ministers of utterly ‘misleading the public’ with fanciful promises of an additional £10 billion funding for the NHS.

At best, misleading? At worst, political Pinocchio?

Wollaston who chairs the health committee in the House of Commons said the harsh reality is that the NHS are at tipping point and the immediate problem is with adult social care in our growing, ageing population. Any additional money available on the Autumn statement, should be directed towards such social care, she states.

You want to live forever? Better make sure your bank account can cover it Peter Pan, as the NHS sure as hell can’t.

Wollaston dismisses the additional funding as simply moving money around the system, taking away from one critical part of the health system to help out another and in turn, giving the false impression that the health service is ‘awash with cash’

A government spokesperson has insisted that the additional £10 billion is accurate and to suggest otherwise is wrong.

Time will tell but it doesn’t look good on paper. Round 1 to Wollaston

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